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Self Diagnosis! Cure without Medicine!!

Preface The twentieth century has been a time of change and advancement in terms of Medical Diagnosis and Treatment. During this time diagnosis and treatment have been evolving.

Even with the advent of radiology, ultra sonogram and MRI, we still have too many diseases for which there is no cure.

Acupressure : Health on your Hands. Acupressure Self Diagnosis! Cure without Medicine!! Acupressure : the most scientific way to natural treatment.

Acupressure : the most scientific way to natural treatment.

For many disease we have short term relief without cure. For the poor it is an even greater problem because of the expense of diagnosis and treatment. Often treatment has to be stopped because of the lack of funds.

This situation has slowly been getting worse. This is especially true for those people who seek access to different forms of Alternative therapies. Most people want alternative treatments to be recognized and treated at the same level as modern medicine. Even doctors are taking into consideration these alternative treatments whereas in the past these treatments were ignored.

A few decades ago, in the western world, acupuncture was ridiculed and thought of as non-scientific or even curious.

With the advent of time this treatment now is well thought of and in the West many acupressure treatment centers have opened. There are colleges where one can even get a degree in acupressure .

In the 21st century the world still faces the challenges of HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis B and C for which thought Medicine, while providing treatments, is yet to find a cure.

Danger makes people aware and this awareness leads to the search for answers. People are always searching new paths and this search sometimes results in new answers. An example of this is the treatment of acupuncture resulting in the new answer of acupressure.

In acupressure we don’t required the use of needles because the same pressure points can be treated with blunt instruments and fingers. This is a great benefit to us all in that with a minimum of instructions we can treat ourselves expertly. For this to happen all we need is a desire to heal ourselves.

Therefore acupressure is indeed an affordable and safer treatment for all.

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