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What is the method of diagnosis in Acupressure?

Research has shown that only a small percentage of disease is caused by germs and most by lifestyle. Bad habits are the main cause of disease, especially bad eating habits and chronic strees, which create toxins in the body, leading to health problems.
These toxins, fats etc. negatively impact our Vital Force. When this Vital Force stops flowing, the body starts giving us signals.
When any organs are diseased, their related points in the hands and feet will be very painful and/or tender when pressed.

How can we diagnose our own disease?

If there is pain or extreme sensitivity in any of the points below one may be able to diagnose both current or potential problems.

Diagnosis. Diagnosing problem in Acupressure

Diagnosing problem in Acupressure

Solar Plexus (29)
Diagnosis of this point is possible by placing the palms together lining up the joint lines of our little fingers. They should match exactly, if not them our solar plexus needs treatment.
Some common problems :
Stomach pain
Digestive problems.

Thyroid (8)
Some common problems :
Leg pain
Neck problems
Joint pain
Groos neck.

Lungs (30), Cold (34), Throat (6)
Some common problems :
Throat problems
Breathing problems
Teeth problems.

Brain (1), Cranial nerves (2), Pituitary (3), Pineal (4), Head blood vessels (5)
Some common problems :
Bad headaches

Pituitary (3), Pineal (4)
Some common problems :
Memory loss.

Neck (7), Spine (9)
Some common problems :
Back Pain
Hip pain
Joint problems.

Piles (10), Colon (20)
Some common problems :
Irregular stool

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