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Prostate (11), Bladder (18)
Some common problems :
Urinary tract infection (UTI)
Lack of control of urinary stream
In males, all the above as well as prostate problems. If there is pain on point no- 11 for men this means prostate problems.
Pain on this point for women means possible urinary/sexual gland problems.

Penis+ Vagina (12), Testes (15)
Some common problems :
Irregular periods
Period pains
Excessive bleeding.
Fertility problems
Premature ejaculation.

Lymph glands (16), Pancreas (25)
Some common problems :
If both points hurt it could mean diabetes. If the pain is moderate it could mean borderline diabetes.
If only point 25 hurts it could mean low blood pressure.

Shoulder (24)
Some common problems :
Shoulder pain
Frozen shoulder.

Hip and Knees (17)
Some common problems :
Hip and knee problems and pain.

Pineal (4), Adrenals (28)
Common Problem :
If both points hurt it could mean high blood pressure.

Heart (36)
Some common problems :
Chest pain on the left side of the body
Rapid heartbeat
Pain in the left arm.

Spleen (37), Adrenals (28), Heart (36)
If all three points have pain then the person has a cholesterol problem, if points 25 and 37 have pain it could mean anaemia.

Gall bladder (22), Liver (23)
Some common problems :
Recurring gastric problems
Hot hands, feet and head
Burning head
Hair loss.

Small Intestine (19)
Some common problems :
Foot pain (especially in the heel and toe)

Stomach (27)
Some common problems :
Gastric problems
Compulsive biting of nails and skin
Heaviness and pain in breasts
Lower abdomen pain before periods.

Ear (31) Nerves of Ear (33)
Some common problems :
Ear problems

Energy (32)
Some common problems :

Eye (35)
Some common problems :
Eye problems
Dry eyes
Cat aract.

Finally if there is pain on point 21 it could be appendicitis. Check points 11 – 15 and all the digestive points, stomach 27, small intestines 19, colon 20, gall bladder 22, solar plexus 29. If all these points hurt then you may have appendicitis and you need to press all these points three times a day.

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