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How to Treat Bedwetting with Acupressure

In Chinese Medicine, the most common cause of bedwetting is due to an imbalance in the Water element. The Water element corresponds to the kidneys and urinary bladder.  When out of balance, a child will usually have an abundance of clear urine during sleep.

In addition to bedwetting, your child may have other symptoms of a Water imbalance, such as:

  • Cold hands and feet
  • A low pitched voice
  • Pale complexion (for natural skin tone)
  • Lack of focus or poor memory
  • Delayed milestones
  • Poor tooth development, cavities
  • Backache or knee pain

In addition, Water imbalances that lead to bedwetting can be caused by:

  • A recent traumatic event such as a car accident or fall
  • Stressful life events such as moving, changing schools, divorce of parents, loss of a loved one
  • A huge growth spurt (Water is responsible for growth and development)

To help balance the Water element, I recommend massaging KI-3, KI-6, and SP-6  for 30 – 60 seconds twice daily (see photo below).

Bedwetting with Acupressure

2 responses to “How To Treat Bedwetting With Acupressure?”

  1. kazi selim says:

    my daughter age 4. she can speak some single word. She can walk but not strongly. her global development as like 1.4 years baby.
    what kind of acupressure will she need. pls.advice me

  2. abdul hamid says:

    slip disc L1 to L5

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