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Introduction to the Acupressure Points : (Point No. 20 Colon – Point No. 23 Liver)

Acupressure Point No. 20 Colon :

The large intestine. In stores the body’s waste. 

Problems may result in :
* Constipation
* Piles 
* Abdominal pain 

This point should only be pressed using an instrument.

Acupressure Point No. 21 Appendix :

Situated on the right side of the body. 
No important function. 
Main problem is appendicitis which may result from eating too much and/or too fast as well as constipation.

Symptoms of appendicitis : 
* Right-sided abdominal pain 
* Vomiting 
* Nausea 
* Constipation 
* Diarrhoea 

This point should only be pressed using an instrument.

Acupressure Point No. 22 Gall bladder :

Its function is to make and store bile. It helps to digest fats and to facilitate in stool evacuation. It helps to activate the adrenals and the pancreas.

Some common problems : 
* Right- sided hack pain from the shoulder down to the abdomen 
* Vomiting 
* Pain in the abdomen 
* Cold sweat 
* Burping 
* Loss of consciousness. 

This point should only be pressed using an instrument.

Acupressure Point No. 23 Liver :

Waste from food is passed to the liver. Also bile is created there. Fats, vitamins and iron are stored in the liver which is passed to the rest of the body when needed. It creates and controls heat. 

Problems which may occur : 
* Excessive acidity 
* Heat and gas may be produced 
* Burning sensation in the stomach 
* Teeth and gum problems 
* Ulcers in the mouth and stomach 
* Eye problems  
* Vomiting 
* Hair and skin problems 
* Quick to anger 
* Jaundice 
* Water retention 
* Stomach pain
* Feeling queasy
* Sense of weakness

Acupressure point no 23, Liver

Acupressure Point no 23, Liver

Good foods for liver problems : 
* Coconut water 
* Sugar cane 
* Oranges 
* Glucose 
* Potatoes 
* Raw papaya 
* Soft rice 
* Small fish 
* Half a lemon squeezed in water for 17- 21 days to be taken after meals, once a day. 
* Avoid lifting and/or carrying heavy things. 
* Avoid spicy food, chillies 
* Avoid the sun and heat. 

This point should only be pressed using an instrument.

Acupressure point no 20. Colon

Acupressure point no 20. Colon

Acupressure point no 21, Appendix

Acupressure point no 21, Appendix

Acupressure point no 22, Gall bladder

Acupressure point no 22, Gall bladder

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