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Introduction to the Acupressure Points : (Point No. 24 Shoulder – Point No. 27 Stomach)

Acupressure Point No. 24 Shoulder :

Some common problems :  
* Pain 
* Cramps 
* Frozen shoulder 
* Joint problems 

This point should only be pressed using an instrument.

Acupressure Point No. 25 Pancreas :

This gland creates insulin. If the pancreas produces less insulin than it should, the result is usually diabetes. 

If the pancreas overworks and creates too much insulin then the results are : 
* Headaches 
* Migraines 
* Low blood pressure 
* Addiction to sweet things 
* Lethargy 
* Alcohol dependency 

On the hands we can use either our fingers or an instrument but on our feet we should use only the instrument.

Acupressure Point No. 26 Kidney :

Cleans 175 liters of blood every day. It sends waste to the bladder. 
It controls blood pressure and water in the body. It controls sodium chloride and creates Vitamin D. 

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