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Acupressure Point No. 4 Pineal gland :

The health and secretions of the other glands is dependent on the healthy functioning of this gland. It controls the sodium and potassium balance in the body. 
If this gland is in good health, humans can reach great heights of inner peace and kindness and great powers of self-control in regard to pain and sorrow. 

Some common problems : 
 * High blood pressure 
 * Sexual problems 
 * Water retention in the limbs which is often mistaken as kidney disease 

This point can be done with either an instrument or with the fingers.

Acupressure Point No. 4 Pineal gland

Acupressure Point No. 4 Pineal gland

Acupressure Point No. 5 Head blood vessels : 

These provide the connection between the brain and the body. 
During headaches and migraines these dilate and give rise to throbbing pain. 

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