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Acupressure Point No. 8 Thyroid and Parathyroid :

This gland is situated in our windpipe and produces thy-Roxine. It has a huge sphere of control. 

*  It plays an important role in child development 
*  It helps us absorb calcium 
*  Helps with excretion of waste and toxins 
*  Maintains body temperature 
*  Develops good mental qualities e.g. concentration, good behavior, generosity, love, self- control 
*  It helps with the good functioning of the kidneys and the muscles 

Some common problems : 
*  Osteoporosis 
* Lack of bone development resulting in bulky, short stature 
* Overweight 
* Rough and/or thick skin 
* Loss of mental strength 
* Anemia 
* Stones form in the kidneys 
* Diminished sexual potency 
* Reduced calcium absorption leads to weakened bones and muscles 
* The muscles may be affected by fine tremors 
* Increased appetite 
* Passing urine too frequently 
* Increased heartbeat 
* Quick to anger and over emotional 
* In adults, the formation of kidney stones 
* Fat deposits in the neck and midriff 

This point can be done with either an instrument or the fingers.

Acupressure point no 8. Thyroid and Parathyroid

Acupressure Point no 8. Thyroid and Parathyroid

Acupressure Point No. 9 Spine :

Problems may arise as a result of the lack of flow of bio-electricity e.g. a bad cold may result in lessening bio-electricity in the spine which may create pain around the heart, leading people to think they may have heart problems. 
Also spinal problems could result in speech difficulties. Other problems which may occur are back Pains, including that in the lower back.

This point should only be done using the fingers.

Acupressure point no 9. Spine

Acupressure point no 9. Spine

Acupressure Point No. 10 Piles :

Acupressure point no 10. Piles

Acupressure point no 10. Piles

This results when the vein in the rectum becomes engorged with blood and may lead to bleeding, severe discomfort and pain. 
In severe cases, a permanent pile may be present externally or internally. Piles occur because of possible underlying liver problems, chronic constipation, diarrhea, smoking, alcohol, and too much fat, chilli or spice in the diet. 
Sometimes the vein in the rectum can become infected. Piles can lead to a weakened heart and can also affect the prostate gland. 
There may be headaches and also loss of blood which, in severe cases, could lead to anemia.

This point can be done with either an instrument or with the fingers.

Acupressure Point No. 11 Prostate gland :

In childhood this gland is inactive. At puberty it starts working and around the age of 50 it starts slowing down. 
If the gland becomes enlarged or infected, passing urine becomes difficult. 
Also women need to press this point because it prevents urinary infections and other urinary and kidney problems. 

This point should only be done using the fingers.

Acupressure point no 11. Prostate gland

Acupressure point no 11. Prostate gland

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