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How does one start the acupressure treatment? 
The pressing of the hand and feet point.s can be carried out by the rounded blunt end of a pencil or any such similar item. The first step is to familiar ourselves with all the different organs and glands that are represented in our hands and feet. 
The next step is to become familiar with the location of the many different points.  Also we must learn the technique of how to apply the pressure and in what order. 
Finally we all need to become experts in treating ourselves.

Which points do we start with ?
Rules of Acupressure
For the creation of bioelecticity we need to start with the tips of our fingers, our sinus points. Then, when we start pressing the points in our feet we again start the process with our sinus points. How many times should the sinus points be pressed ? Each finger should be pressed 47 times. If one is suffering from sinus problems then it should be pressed 20-30 times. If any finger is very painful it should be pressed 50 times. The same applies to the feet.

How should we proceed ?
No rules as such, it depends on the person’s illness and how much time the person has to do the therapy. In severe cases, all points, 1-37 should be pressed and up to 38 for children.
The most painful points should be pressed the most number of times i.e. up to 100 times on the hands and 200 times on the feet. The points where there is little or no pain can be done a maximum of 30-40 times. If time is a problem, start with the sinus, do the very important points (pituitary, pineal and thyroid), then your individual disease points, and finally your supportive points.
When doing the points there should be fingers supporting the back of the hand behind the point for the correct pressure to be applied.
In points 2,5, and 7 pressure should be applied all around the bone with the fingers and thumb especially where it hurts the most (the pain point).
Points 8 and 9 cover a large area so it is important to press the whole area to find the pain point.

What is the first step in acupressure ?
The first step is to check the solar plexus to see if it is in the correct place.

What is the solar plexus ?
It is a network of nerves which control the glands in the body situated below the navel. Normally its position is behind the navel, at the pit of the stomach, though in certain circumstances it can be displaced. When this happens, digestion can be adversely affected and that is why it is essential to check if it is in its correct place.

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