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What is the meaning of the perfect treatment ? 
Acupressure is a natural God given treatment devised by the sages and holy men who wanted people through this therapy to perfect themselves. 
Also they wanted to create and establish a connection with God thereby enabling a real physical, mental and spiritual cure. This can only be done with a full meditative concentration when pressing one’s points. 
When doing acupressure one should avoid being distracted. One should be aware of the pain so that on a daily basis we can start to feel the curative process at work. 
When we count the number of times we are pressing a point it enables us to fully engage with the healing process. We can try and maintain this awareness by focusing on each number while we do the pressing so that the whole process becomes a meditation for the body, mind and spirit.

What problems may arise ? 
If we press too quickly or too roughly we could hurt ourselves. If we injure ourselves then we should stop doing our points for a few days, and start again just using the fingers. 

How much time should we spend on the treatment each day ? 
This depends on the disease, dedication and time of the patient. In our experience, we have found that if a patient is very dedicated in doing the treatment, then, 1 hour 15 minutes per session should result in a good level of cure in approximately 3 weeks. 
If treatment is carried out by a practitioner, it could take up to 2 hours but if it is done according to one’s own disease then it should take about an hour. After 3 weeks, 40-45 minute per session should be enough. 

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