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What is priority therapy ? 
If the patient has many problems we have to deal with the most important 2 or 3 first along with their supporting points. When these are better, then, we can start to focus on the less urgent problems.

What is the process of effective therapy ? 
It is very important to find the precise pain point in the pressure points that hurt. The size of each pressure point varies e.g. the spine point is 2 inches long whereas the kidney point is the size of a finger tip. Because of these differences one has to feel around for the P.P and press it twice as much as the area around it.

Is it possible to do acupressure whilst walking, sitting or talking ? 
Yes, hand points are easy to do at any time and usually one will get some benefit from doing them when one is not fully engaged in the process. But, when one can, it is best to do it with full concentration.

Which fingers do we use for this therapy ? 
Usually when we press we use the thumb and for support we use the middle and index fingers. For some points we may need to use all our fingers.

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